College List Development

With thousands of colleges in the US alone, knowing which colleges would be a great fit for your student is a daunting process. Any good college prep plan begins with developing a strong and balanced college list. We use an extensive assessment process to get to know your student. We then build a list of schools that could be a great fit. Many of our students decided to attend schools that they originally knew little to nothing about but fell in love with during this discovery process!

Standardized Test Prep

We believe that when it comes to ACT prep, one size does not fit all! We will work with your student to get a baseline score using actual ACT tests. Then, we assign practice drills and instruction that is specific to your student's needs.

Essay Writing

Most colleges require the personal statement essay as a way to hear from the student directly and to get a sense of who they are. Many colleges require multiple essays and most scholarship applications also require essays. The essays your student writes can make a BIG difference in admission and scholarship decisions. This step in the application process tends to be one of the most stressful for students, but we are there every step of the way! Our process includes brainstorming multiple topics, organizing the essay into a format that colleges want to see, and assisting the student with multiple writing and editing sessions.

Extracurriculars and Student Resume

Along with great grades and test scores, a resume full of strong, relevant extracurricular activities is considered a necessity for any student applying to top colleges. An added bonus of extracurricular activities is that participating in a variety of activities can help your student find a new passion that could lead to an unexpected college major or career choice! We work with your student to ensure they are participating in the right kind and right number of activities to enhance their resume.

Financial Aid Forms

If you find the prospect of filling out the financial aid forms for college daunting, you are definitely not alone! We will let you know exactly what documents you need to have ready to complete the applications and we will work with you to ensure all documents are completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner!

Applications and Deadlines

Should you apply Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision or Priority? What are the differences between each of these? Should I use the school's application, the Common Application or the Coalition Application? No worries! We will work with your student to sort through each option and decide which is best. Oh yes, and we will do this all without missing a single deadline!